Finally! A physical planner

for marketing teams to keep you focused on ROI and producing the kind of content that actually converts

Stop draining the life out of your love of marketing

You're all alone in the trenches having to churn out content faster than you can recite the alphabet (the old way, not the new way). 

 You’re spending all this time on content creation … with little to no engagement. You're running out of ideas on what to talk about. 

Results? Those seem to be the elusive dream you can’t quite attain. And you don't know how to improve any of it. 

Introducing ...

The only (physical) content planner specifically designed for B2B marketing teams

The resources out there are scarce, and with all the downloads you’ve saved you have countless failed attempts at a system that truly works. A system that helps you get from strategy to tactics to results. 

While we’re on the topic, have you noticed the other hard-copy content planners available are specifically geared towards entrepreneurs and small businesses. But what about large, B2B companies with a dedicated marketing team.

t’s not just another content planner,

     ✔︎ it’s a toolkit 

     ✔︎ it’s a framework 

     ✔︎ it’s a workshop 

     ✔︎ it’s a team building exercise

     ✔︎ it’s a complete system for B2B marketing teams

P is for Planner will help you review, plan and create the best and most integrated content. It will help you brainstorm new ideas, different types of content, and it'll even help you see where you have gaps in your team so you can look for the right freelancers or agencies. 

So what makes P is for Planner different?

It is the only content planning system on the market today* that has been designed with the B2B marketing team in mind. There is a Master Planner for the head of the department, and one Workbook for each marketing employee. That way, everyone gets to take part in the planning fun. The system also includes a full-day off-site planning workshop to help put all the pieces together so your team walks away with a cohesive content marketing plan you can all go off and execute. It is also the only content planner that was designed with the assistance of puppets. 

*accurate at time of publishing website

What others are saying ...

This planner is really good!! I like that you start with a review and audit...and gathering analytics of previous content. It feels daunting but in a good way! 🤩 Because it makes me realize how much I’ve not paid attention to how content is performing. I gotta get my content shit together! Do I have the same feeling with yours as I do with the one I have...definitely not. With all of your detail and specificity with planning, purpose, goals etc, I feel like I can not only be organized, but can create a plan that I can follow and continue...not just take a few notes and bail. 

Christine L.

P is for Planner includes:

     ✔︎ Weekly and monthly calendars and North American holidays 

     ✔︎ A list of 88 different types of content (because not all content are blogs)

     ✔︎ Plenty of spaces for notes (and doodles), charts and grids to fill in the info you to help you make informed decisions

     ✔︎ Homework (YES HOMEWORK) for each section so you can easily progress through the system methodically

     ✔︎ Fun photos of animals for each section… because why not?

Having an off-site planning day to build your content strategy as a team 

     ✔︎ 17 years’ worth of content marketing knowledge into one awesomely cool package

     ✔︎ References and best practices online you can learn more from (because no one is an expert at everything)

Because content shouldn't be created in a silo ...


Are you ready to change the way you do content?

Choose your planning weapon carefully

*warning may cause awesome content*